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Warranties from Verity Systems

Extended warranties for hard drive degaussers and destroyers

Verity Systems offers extended warranties for hard drive degaussers and destroyers. These can be purchased to cover your unit beyond the standard manufacturer warranty.

Our two distinct warranty products, VS Protect and VS Protect+ will extend your product's cover including spare parts by up to and additional 3 years beyond the original warranty. Depending on the unit you ordered, you are entitled to an extended warranty and can order VS Protect or VS Protect+ where applicable.

When ordering one of our extended warranties, ensure that your unit is still covered by the original manufacturer guarantee. A majority of Verity Systems' products come shipped with a 1, 2 or 3 year product warranty as standard, which can be extended with VS Protect or VS Protect+ depending on available cover for your specific unit.

Warranty benefits

VS Protect and VS Protect+ (1-year or 2 and 3-year extended warranty) benefits:

Full Factory Warranty
A full factory warranty extending the cover of your unit by up to an additional 3 years. (VS Protect or VS Protect+)
Tech Support
Get access to our tech teams and speak to an expert whenever you need to diagnose an issue with your unit.
Product Repairs
Repair your product if it becomes faulty or needs a replacing part free of charge.
How-To Instructions
Receive specific instructions on how to self-diagnose and repair your unit depending on the technical issue.
Repair Center
Free replacement parts or unit replacements in case of serious faults or unit failures.
Labor and parts included
Engineering support and product repairs included free of charge.

Verity Systems products with extended warranties

Extended warranties can be ordered via our online store (US only) or directly (International). Contact us on [email protected] for more information.

Crunch 250

The Crunch 250 is a powerful and fast SSD and hard drive destroyer which renders a wide range of storage devices unusable.

SDD Master

The SDD Master is an NSA certified degausser data sanitization system with a high energy, pulse discharge hard drive eraser.

V91 Max

The V91 HDD Max manual hard drive degausser is second generation, high energy degaussing tool for hard drive destruction.

DataGauss XL-LG

The DataGauss XL-LG is a large chamber hard drive degausser.

DataGauss LG Max

The DataGauss LG Max is a state-of-the-art pulse technology degausser.

DataGone Plus

The DataGone LG Plus hard drive degausser delivers fast and failsafe erasure of large volumes of hard disk drives and back up tapes.

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