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The DataGone LG Plus is a 13,000 Gauss field, high speed automatic hard drive and backup tape degausser that comes with a data destruction auditor software for reporting. It can process up to 200 hard drives per hour and provides volume operators with powerful erasing tools.

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What is the Right SSD Degausser for Total Data Erasure?

In the digital age, data security is paramount. When it comes to disposing of old storage devices, ensuring that the data they contain is irrecoverable is critical. However, when dealing with solid-state drives (SSDs), traditional methods of data destruction, like degaussing, fall short. Understanding why degaussing doesn’t work on SSDs and exploring effective alternatives is…
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Degaussing: Your In-House Guardian Against Cyberattacks on Legacy Systems

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity threats are a constant concern. But what about the forgotten soldiers of the IT world — legacy systems that are no longer actively used but still hold a treasure trove of sensitive data? These systems, often decommissioned due to age or incompatibility, can harbor a vulnerability — residual data on their hard drives.…
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Why On-Site Degaussing is the Answer for High-Volume Hard Drive Disposal in Multinational…

Why On-Site Degaussing is the Answer for High-Volume Hard Drive Disposal in Multinational Businesses For multinational corporations managing mountains of electronic waste, secure hard drive disposal presents a critical task. Balancing data security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness becomes paramount. While off-site data destruction services have been the norm, on-site degaussing with units such as the DataGone…
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