How to use the SDD Master to degauss hard drives securely

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How to use the SDD Master to degauss hard drives securely

The SDD Master is a high energy, pulse discharge hard drive eraser-equipped degausser data sanitization system that has been NSA/CSS evaluated. It is intended to provide the most comprehensive and secure magnetic media erasing available. The SDD Master’s exclusive triple erase method, which generates the strongest magnetic field of any degausser on the market, guarantees 100% full data erasure each and every time. The SDD Master should be your go-to degausser if security is a top priority; in fact, governments and security agencies all over the world choose it. 

The SDD Master degausser is equipped with the specialized Data Destruction Auditor, allowing you to record and confirm your hard drive sanitization/erasure and provide reports that are suited for data security audits.

The self-calibrating degausser offers the user reliable erasure repeatedly and is our most powerful degaussing unit manufactured to-date with a 20,000 Gauss force. 

How it works

To start the machine, press the “Start” button on the control panel after lifting the perspex lid and placing the media in the caddie. A strong pulse discharge activates the magnetic field inside the degausser when media is introduced there. A further two magnetic discharges are administered while the medium is rotating automatically inside the degausser, guaranteeing complete erasure. It takes the whole process about 75 seconds. 

The SDD Master, which is controlled by the CPU, keeps an eye on the process to make sure the erasing cycle is finished. Any pauses in the erasure cycle are promptly signaled to the operator by the LCD control panel.

Each crucial piece of information regarding the degaussing/sanitization procedure is recorded by the SDD Master’s special Data Destruction Auditor. Reports that include key facts such media serial numbers, degauss force, the date and time of erasure, and operator information can be prepared and utilized as degaussing proof. A thorough sanitization/erasure audit trail is provided by Data Destruction Auditor. 

Safety inbuilt

The SDD Master’s field discharge time is less than a second, and the magnetic field is intended to be concentrated inside the chamber with safety in mind and to comply with the most recent ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidelines.

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