Using the DataGauss LG Max to record data degaussing

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Using the DataGauss LG Max to record data degaussing

The Datagauss LG Max is the strongest, most portable continuous degausser available from VS Security Products for hard drives and backup tapes. Both hard drives that employ longitudinal and perpendicular recording techniques, including the 5000 Oersted, as well as all conventional backup tapes are examples of media that may be securely wiped. 

For reporting and auditing purposes, the erasure log software keeps track of all operating and degaussing data. This data can be saved and printed, providing hard copy proof of complete erasure. An automatically printed self-adhesive label with degaussed information, including the media serial number, identifies erased media.

How it works 

Designing the DataGauss LG Max with simplicity in mind. Media can be inserted into the chamber by lifting the lid by releasing the latch. The intense degaussing magnetic field charges when the lid is closed and the “erase” button on the control panel is pressed. The lid can be opened and the media taken out when the display indicates that the degauss cycle is finished. It only takes 15 seconds to complete the process. 

The on-board processor continuously monitors the erase cycle to make sure it is carried out appropriately. The operator is promptly informed of any disruptions in the cycle by notifications on the LCD control panel, and erase progress is displayed to them.

Safety inbuilt 

The DataGauss LG Max field discharge time is less than a second and the magnetic field is intended to be concentrated inside the chamber with safety in mind and to comply with the most recent ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidelines in mind.

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