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The SV91M high energy bulk degausser is a low noise, table mounted, manually operated degaussing machine that can entirely erase hard drives and cassettes. This NATO approved degausser is appropriate for wiping PC hard drives, DLT, DAT, and other high coercivity tapes.


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Navigating the Evolving Data Security Landscape in Nigeria

Nigeria’s digital landscape is booming, and with it comes a growing need for robust data security. This article explores the key regulations and frameworks that shape the data security environment, particularly for financial institutions like commercial banks. The Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023 (NDPA) takes center stage. This recently enacted law builds upon the foundation laid…
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University Data Destruction Guide: Protecting Sensitive Information

Universities handle a vast amount of sensitive data, from student records to research projects. Proper data destruction is crucial to safeguard this information from unauthorized access, even after devices reach their end-of-life. This guide outlines recommended methods for secure data destruction, with an emphasis on degaussing and data shredding. Why Simple Deletion Isn’t Enough While deleting…
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The SV91M is a NATO and government security approved degausser of hard drives and backup tapes.

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The DataGone LG Plus hard drive degausser delivers fast and failsafe erasure of large volumes of hard disk drives and back up tapes.

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