Erasing large volumes of hard drives with the DataGone LG Plus

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Erasing large volumes of hard drives with the DataGone LG Plus

In addition to quickly and safely erasing large volumes of hard disk drives and backup tapes, the DataGone LG Plus hard drive degausser is equipped with the innovative Data Destruction Auditor solution, which enables the operator to document and confirm their hard drive erasure and produce tangible, audit-ready reports that confirm complete and secure data erasure. The self-calibrating degausser in the DataGone LG Plus auto backup eraser offers the user reliable erasing time after time.

How it works

A software CD and USB cable are included with the DataGone LG Plus for connecting to a computer or laptop. Once you’re connected, launch the Data Destruction Auditor software on your PC and fill out the report record screen. Manual entry is possible for information like the name of the organization, the name of the operator, the date, the time, and details about the media in question. For quick input of information, such as media serial numbers, an optional bar code scanner is also offered. By selecting the “Find Machine” button on the Data Destruction Auditor screen, details about the degausser model will be immediately recorded in the report record screen of the program.

Slide the media into the unit’s left-side aperture after all the information has been input. The process of erasure and destruction will begin when you click the “Destroy” button on the Data Destruction Auditor’s screen. When a process is finished, it is recorded on screen, certifying the date and time of the successful erasure or destruction. Progress is displayed on the screen during the process. By clicking the print button on the screen, the user can then print an immediate record of the destruction of the media or export the logs as a CSV file.

When everything is finished, the media is discharged and leaves the DataGone LG Plus on the right side. From beginning to end, the process takes about 9 seconds. This process can be repeated if the operator needs to degauss a large volume of hard disks. 

Safety features 

The DataGone LG Plus field discharge time is less than a second and the magnetic field is intended to be concentrated inside the chamber with safety in mind and to comply with the most recent ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidelines in mind.

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